Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Ever since Department of Applied Foreign Languages of Guangdong Industry Technical College was established in April 2003, its faculty  have been teaching English majors and non-majors. The department comprises five teaching and researching sections, namely College English Section, Business English Section, Applied English Section, Business Foreign Languages Section and Comprehensive English Section. The department provides such college majors as business English, applied English (including two programs of tourism English and foreign trade English), business Japanese, applied German, and international business management, a double-diploma-offered program which is cooperated with North Sydney Institute of Australia. Currently, over 1200 students are enrolled at pretty high grades at the department. In recent years, students graduated from this department are popular with employers, and the employment rate have been 100 for years on end.

      There are 69 teachers working at the department, among whom 10 are full professors and associate professors, 39 are lecturers. 42 teachers hold master degrees or have received graduate education. A dozen of foreign teachers from USA, Canada, Britain, and Australia etc are teaching here. Today, the department boasts 10 multi-media language labs, scores of training bases worked together with Canton Affairs, Capgemini Business Services (China) Ltd, Guangzhou Rosedale Hotel, Nanhu Travel Agency etc.

       The department bases its teaching plan on the needs of employment market, aims at educating students to cater for society needs. Therefore, the department offers scientific and standard courses. In 2009, the course of Business English was listed as one of the distinguished courses by English Major Teaching Directing Committee of Vocational and Technical English, Ministry of Education. The Applied English Teaching and Researching Section offers a new curriculum system characterized as major plus English, which is widely acclaimed. Reform has also been positively carried on in College English teaching with a good result. In terms of PRTIOC—A, we are at the top of passing rate of the college ranks in Guangdong province.

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