Business English(TAFE)


Business English (International Business Management, a double-diploma-offered project cooperated with North Sydney Institute of Australia)

Introduction to the Project

As a cooperative project between GDITC and North Sydney Institute of Australia officially ratified by Department of Education of Guangdong Province in April of 2005(See also: Document No.30. 2005, Foreign Affairs Office, Dep. of Education, Guangdong), whose graduates can get double diploma from North Sydney Institute of Australia and GDITC after their accomplishment of all the courses required, which provides advantage for employment and further study abroad.

Options for studying abroad: The students may choose to study for 3 years at home and 2 years in Australia or for 3years at home and one year and half in Australia to accomplish 4-year university courses at the University of Sydney, the University of South Queensland, the University of Wollongong, the University of Newcastle, the University of Central Queensland, etc.

Distinctiveness &

Education Objectives

Education quality is wholly under the control and monitoring of Australia, who is also responsible for students’ academic assessment and conferment of diploma. Employing a series of teaching methods such as theory description, case discussion-analysis method, situation simulating, social research methods, thesis writing aided by multimedia teaching, the program has introduced an advanced teaching model focusing on theory integrated in practice with the latter being more stressed. All the courses are taught in English by the teachers from China and Australia with the text books in original English version. We aim to educate talents with global vision who are equipped with international business theory, a strong ability of enterprise statistics analysis and processing, innovation ability and a high proficiency in English so as to adapt themselves to the environment of economical globalization and satisfy social requirements in dealing with business management.

Leading  Courses

Integrated English, Audio-visual English,English Reading & Writing, Provide Leadership Across the Organization, Contribute to Organization Development Manage Organizational Change, Manage Organizational Risk, International Organization Development, International Organization Design, Human Resources Strategy and Management, Theory of Electronic Commerce, International Trade and Finance, International Logistics, Strategy Management, Globalization Management, Management and Innovation, etc.

Occupation Orientation

The graduates who are equipped with double diploma acknowledged by China and Australia have advantageous access to international employment market. A strong ability of English application and comprehensive knowledge of business management will ensure them going in for administration, business assistant, secretarial and translation work in government agencies, foreign enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, foreign affairs organizations, chambers of commerce, etc.


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